Chateau De Gudanes


Captain’s Log


Karina and Craig Waters

What we love

A couple of years ago Perth couple Karina and Craig Waters decided they’d like to buy a home in France. Their challenge was finding the perfect property. After viewing plenty of places around France, the couple’s son one day saw a listing online for a falling-down Château situated in the Midi-Pyrénées.

Château de Gudanes, built in the mid eighteenth century, stopped Karina and Craig in their tracks – they were literally left speechless the first time they saw the 94 room building and surrounding valley. The Waters’ put in an offer a few days later and there began their adventure!

The Château renovations commenced in November 2013, and Karina has been sharing secrets uncovered all over the property, the gorgeous location, renovation plans and local village life with their blog and social media channels ever since. The incredible story of the Château renovation is one that has resonated not only with us but also with people all over the world, as can be seen by their incredible number of fans on Facebook and Instagram.

Karina and Craig say their “aim is to tread lightly and gently – to preserve the atmosphere and authenticity of the Château and region as much as possible”. With that in mind, future plans include commencing tours of the property and to open a café.