A few years ago, two of my good friends married in Melbourne and headed to Broome for their honeymoon. Their tales of their trip alluded to an oasis of warmth, white sandy beaches, exciting experiences and particularly amazing sunsets.

Well after 48 hours in this North West Australian town, I can say it didn’t disappoint.

There is a laid-back country town feel to Broome – wide roads, a relaxed sense of style, friendly locals and a definite holiday feeling. Even though the town only houses 14,000 residents, it has all the facilities of larger cities. There are numerous five star resorts that bring all the luxury you’ll need for a romantic honeymoon in this coastal oasis.

With honeymoons on my mind, I’m letting you in on my five most romantic Broome experiences that are a must do!

A Sunset Camel Ride with Broome Camel Safaris

If there is one thing on my Broome bucket list, it was a sunset camel ride! Broome Camel Tours were more than happy to oblige and off we set to the “Blue Tent” on our last afternoon in Broome. Broome’s camel lady Alison runs this camel tour with her team – each of who is well versed in the personality of each camel and willing to oblige in sharing their stories.

We got up close and friendly with the regal Aslan who happily carried us around for an hour as we watched the sights and sounds of Cable Beach. The wide expanse of sands, waves crashing and the peaceful rocking motion of the camels as the sun glided into the water combine to create a beautiful sense of calm.

As the sun made its last appearance, the camels stood in a line as we said farewell to the rays of light. It’s a must to bring your camera or pay for the professional photographs – they’re magical and something to treasure.