Do you have a bucket list? Whether it’s as hard as climbing Mount Everest or as simple as sipping Bellini cocktails in Venice, most people’s bucket lists revolve around getting out there and seeing another part of the world.

At Expedia, we believe that if you can dream it, you should do it. It’s our job to help you get out there, which is why we are so proud to be partnering with International Traveller’s 100 Ultimate Experiences of a Lifetime.

As one of the world’s largest online travel companies we bring everything out there together, all in the one place to make it easier for you to get cracking on your bucket list.

Check out the full list below and click through to see everything from cool hotels and travel guides in these destinations to listopedias – Expedia’s own bucket lists with lots of similar experiences for you to conquer.

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  1. Go on an epic African Safari
  2. Hike in Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia
  3. Trek to see the Mountain Gorilla in Congo, Rwanda or Uganda
  4. Explore The Galapagos Islands
  5. See the Amazon Rainforest
  6. Follow the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  7. View the Taj Mahal at sunrise
  8. Walk the Great Wall of China
  9. See the beauty of Petra
  10. Take a bite out of New York
  11. Admire the natural beauty of Iceland
  12. See the Northern Lights
  13. Spend a week in Paris
  14. Explore the Andes
  15. Wander the Hermitage Museum
  16. Cruise the Antarctic
  17. Discover the temples of Angkor Wat
  18. Visit the remote kingdom of Bhutan
  19. Revel in the majesty of Alhambra, Granada
  20. Get drenched in colour at Holi Festival
  21. Journey to the Pyramids
  22. Spot Polar bears
  23. Walk the sand dunes of Namibia
  24. Be seduced by Sicily
  25. Be surprised by Iran
  26. Gaze in awe at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
  27. Watch a final on Centre Court at Wimbledon
  28. Explore Basque country in Spain
  29. Take the Orient Express
  30. Cruise the Arctic circle
  31. Adventure to the Altiplano, Bolivia
  32. Wander the streets of Seville
  33. Join the Carnival in Rio
  34. Stay in a Tuscan villa
  35. Walk the El Comino de Santiago
  36. Drive round the South Island of New Zealand
  37. Island hop in Greece
  38. See the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza
  39. Board the Trans-Siberian Railway
  40. Stay in a Japanese Ryokan
  41. Uncover the mysteries of Easter Island
  42. Live it up in the South of France
  43. Cruise (in a car) along the Amalfi Coast
  44. Drive through the Scottish Highlands
  45. See the dragons in Komodo National Park, Indonesia
  46. Climb Annapurna in Nepal
  47. Volunteer in a foreign country
  48. Sleep under Arabian Skies
  49. Experience Milford Sound
  50. Stand at the top of Table Mountain in Cape Town
  51. Visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa
  52. Tour Ireland by road
  53. Get up close to Giant Pandas in China
  54. Take in sunrise at El Tatio Geysers, Atacama Desert
  55. Celebrate Christmas in New York
  56. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  57. Climb to the top of Stromboli in Italy
  58. Get lost in Venice
  59. Drive the Pacific Coast in California
  60. Shop in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul
  61. Take an Arctic safari in Canada
  62. See Wadi Rum
  63. Cycle the Tour de France
  64. Go hot air ballooning over Bagan in Myanmar
  65. Drive through Monument Valley
  66. Stay in an Ice Hotel
  67. Admire the splendour of Yosemite National Park
  68. Explore Provence, France
  69. Crane your neck in the Sistene Chapel in Italy
  70. Island hop in the Maldives
  71. Head from coast to coast in the USA
  72. Meander in the Cinque Terre
  73. See The Palace of Versailles
  74. Witness the Holy Land
  75. Sailing the islands of Tahiti
  76. Go bareboating in Croatia
  77. Experience the charms of Corsica
  78. Trace history at the Acropolis in Athens
  79. Soak in the baths of Pamukkale
  80. Visit an onsen in Japan
  81. Rise above Cappadocia
  82. Laze about in Bora Bora
  83. See history at Lalibela, Ethiopia
  84. Stroll around Cadaques on the Spanish coast
  85. See Paris’s other museums
  86. See the view from the top of Sigiriya in Sri Lanka
  87. Celebrate the Carnival of Venice
  88. Trek the Kokoda Trail
  89. Go diving in Palawan
  90. Bike through the Pinar del Rio, Cuba
  91. Climb Hawaii’s volcanoes
  92. Sailing down the Nile
  93. Journey from Delhi to Nepa by train
  94. Tour Berlin by foot
  95. Catch your breath in Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
  96. Swim in Samoa’s To Sua ocean trench
  97. Travel from Geneva to Vienna by train
  98. Be happy in Disneyland
  99. Wander around the Natural History Museum in London
  100. Be amazed by the Isles of Scilly