Trying to squeeze in a gym workout while you’re on holiday can be a bit tricky and sometimes the last thing you want to do. Here are my tips on how to stay active when you’re travelling.

Look at what your hotel has on offer

Most hotels have gyms but some even offer classes. If you’re struggling to motivate yourself for another session on the hotel treadmill, do a little research into classes around the area where you’re staying. Most major cities will have gyms and private studios where you can practice yoga, spin classes and Pilates. The best part is you’ll get to meet some of the locals while you’re at it!

Get on your bike

One of my favourite ways to see a city is to get on a bike! Bike tours allow you to really get up close and personal with the city, usually so much more so than via a bus. And you get your cardio in! Some hotels have bikes you can borrow for the day, otherwise you can usually find bike hire shops in the tourist hubs of most cities.


I love hiking and I always make sure to look up spots I can hike before I go away. Do some research to find a hiking spot that suits you – whether it’s walking to waterfalls or climbing to secluded lookouts, it’s a great way to take in the natural beauty of the place you’re visiting. Another way to keep that step count up is by discovering cities on foot. Even just opting to walk instead of taking trains or cabs can be great incidental exercise!


Most hotels have pools – but if not it’s usually not hard to find one nearby, or even open water to swim in. I always pack my goggles and ensure I find a good place to swim. If it’s the ocean, you have the benefit of seeing some of the marine life at the same time!