Where’s the good coffee? That’s the number one most common thing people ask me when they get to New York. And what about a bite to eat? You’re in luck. In a city with hundreds, if not thousands, of places to eat and drink, I’ve narrowed it down to five of my favourite places I always recommend for a trip to Manhattan. I hope you’re hungry!

Bluestone Lane Greenwich

I can honestly say I’m at one of Bluestone Lane’s locations five times a week. It’s my regular work space and coffee destination. I feel like I’ve become part of the furniture. I love the Australian cafe environment – from the design to the lovely people who work there, it’s like my little home away from home. Even better, Bluestone Lane offers many traditional breakfasts found in the land down under. I definitely recommend a healthy serving of Avocado Smash with an added poached egg. If you’re after that Aussie experience aboard, hit up the Greenwich location and don’t be afraid to order a long black. They even do Magic’s! If you never heard of that coffee before now, you know how to find out.

Cha Cha Matcha

Matcha has become so popular for its health benefits that’s now the basis of a number of cafe bars. My favourite is Cha Cha Matcha. The team do a wonderful job of integrating this green tea derivative into a number of different offerings. Matcha is a slower release form of caffeine and the fellas who started Cha Cha have their own farmed source after going directly to the plantation themselves. You can get your traditional matcha latte or try my favourite, the Iced Coconut milk Matcha, offering nutty, refreshing goodness we all can use. They also have a matcha soft serve which is “out of bounds” phenomenal. Hit up the Vegan Banana Bread if you need that little sweet touch too.