Oh, Hobart. You little beauty, you! For two Sydney-siders in need of a short winter getaway, Hobart was the perfect amount of everything – just the right length of time on a airplane (just under two hours, long enough to catch up on some trash TV), do-able in three days (a mid-week getaway meant we could catch up on the workweek come Thursday!) and stunning weather for a winter holiday (crisp enough for a coat, but thermal underwear is by no means necessary). Expedia’s Kiwi travellers are a savvy bunch, usually spending two nights in Hobart so here’s McKean Studio’s suggestions on how to spend a perfect few days in the Apple Isle!

Jackman & McRoss

The best thing about Hobart is its walkability. The hills are just steep enough to feel like you’ve earned your fish and chips, but everything is close enough that you won’t really need the car to get around. A walk to Battery Point is the best way to get your blood pumping, and you can reward yourself with breakfast at Jackman & McRoss. Lightning fast service (we’ve never had a coffee order filled that quickly) and a changing menu of specials that vary with the seasons (think porridge with apples and roasted figs) awaits. If you’ve still got room left after breakfast, there’s also a huge counter full of sweet treats, and shelves of fresh bread to tempt you. It’s winter, you’re allowed a little extra padding!

The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

If you manage to time your trip with good weather, the Botanical Gardens are a great place for a stroll. The Japanese Gardens, the conservatory and the cactus garden all worth a look. Free entry, and a great way to ease into your relaxing getaway!

Fish & Chips on the wharf

We couldn’t resist trying out the very cute, novelty shaped floating fish and chips Flippers Fish and Chips stand (ordering from a whale boat?!) but you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to your casual seafood by the harbour. Be prepared to defend your dinner from greedy seagulls, but it’s a lovely way to spend an evening watching the sun go down and the skies changing colour.