My dad was born on the Sunshine Coast and most of his family still live there, which meant I grew up visiting the Sunny Coast. It’s changed so much since I was a kid, but is still one of my favourite places to holiday with the family.

The Sunshine Coast is so easy to get around, and I’ve never felt overwhelmed by people and that hectic holiday-destination tourist vibe. There are lots of things to do and the beaches are amazing yet it still feels personal and relaxed.

There are plenty of resorts on the Sunshine Coast you can take your family to, and I have a few tips on what I think about when choosing a perfect family resort:

1. Where possible try to choose the ground level

I know this sounds crazy as beach views can be a beautiful thing, but having a courtyard with three children (including a very active one year old boy) and direct access to the pool is a very good thing. Ask the resort before booking on the ground level whether the room has a private courtyard.

2. Beach access

Booking a family resort directly on the beach is awesome. If you can eliminate having to cross a road to get to the beach takes out another layer of stress.

3. Find out about the food

It’s a good idea to ring up and make sure the resort you’re staying at has a kids menu, buffet breakfast and a variety of food options. When we’re holidaying at a resort, we always have those days where we’re super tired and a night in at the resort is needed. Knowing there’s food on hand the kids can eat is great.

4. Child friendly play area close by

Rooms can get quite squishy on a holiday with kids so you need to know you can get out quickly without needing to jump in your car. I always like to check if there’s a play space at the resorts we stay at, and if not if there’s one close by.

5. Kid friendly pools

This would have to be one of the most important things for us. Our kids spend so much time in the pool when we’re on holidays that I need to know the pool is kid friendly so we can relax and watch them while they play.

6. Kids’ programs and family activities

It’s great to book a resort that offers programs and activities for the kids. We’ve stayed at a number of resorts in the past that have scheduled activities during the day for kids. It could be as simple as biscuit decorating, face painting or a kids club for part of the day. This is great for keeping the kids busy onsite if we’re wanting to have a slow down day.