Forget boring brown brick or washed out wooden walls, architecture doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, there’s plenty of places around the world where colour is the main design component. From castles to quaint ski villages, here’s our list of places around the world where you’ll find communities that make the most of the colours of the rainbow.

Burano, Italy

Officially “an island of Venice”, Burano is often forgotten by travellers who take time to visit the more famous Murano Island. They are all missing out. Burano is only a 40 minute vaporetti ride from Venice but a world away from the maze-like streets and the myriad of tourist attractions. The small community is famous for its brightly coloured houses, which sit on wide footpaths in front of the canals. Bright pink, blue, red, yellow or, tall, short, straight, leaning, old new – each house is a different colour, shape and size. They should clash but instead they’re charming. The island’s residents are also famous for their delicate lace work so remember to pop into a workshop while you’re there. If you’re a fan of smaller islands away from the hustle and bustle, book into the exclusive and freshly renovated St Regis Venice San Clemente Palace, located on its own private island.

Montreal, Canada

Old meets new in this French-Canadian city. Montreal is famous for many of its modern monuments – the Olympic Stadium’s observatory is a feat of engineering in itself – but it’s the old terrace buildings that have real charm. Make a beeline for Le Plateau Mont Royal, a suburb in the north east of the city that’s famous for its brightly coloured terrace houses. Expect eaves in vibrant reds, purples and blues, with wrought iron staircases. Most city tour buses will take you down a few of the more colourful streets but if you have time, explore the bohemian suburb on foot to get a real sense of the artist community. For a bit of history, check into Fairmont’s The Queen Elizabeth hotel, which dates back to 1958.