I never thought the sport I adored playing as a kid could not only become my job, but also take me to so many fabulous countries. Cricket has taken me around the world and I will never take these experiences for granted. I’d like to share a few of my favourite spots to work and play in the World’s Cricketing Nations.

Sri Lanka

I highly recommend Sri Lanka as a unique holiday experience for the whole family. While third world, it’s a beautiful country with so much to see and do. You’ll definitely fall in love with the Sri Lankan people!

Australia are touring Sri Lanka this year starting late July for 3 Test Matches. This year might be the year to check it out!

Colombo: The Galle Face Hotel is a beautiful testament to both Sri Lanka’s colonial past and independent present. The hotel started out as a Dutch villa, which was a meeting place for gentlemen of the colonial era. Originally opening in 1864, by the late 19th century it would be known as the best hotel East of Suez.

Kandy: Certainly a great city for test cricket, what’s truly amazing about Kandy is the surrounding regions. Known as the ‘tea country’, Kandy is located in the middle of the island of Sri Lanka and has a wide variety of activities on offer that make it the perfect place to unwind if you have a few days break from cricket. One of my favourite spots to visit is the Temple of The Tooth, a Buddhist temple located in the Royal Palace.

Galle: The biggest surprise for me when I started visiting Sri Lanka was the quality of the beaches and the excellent surfing spots all down the coast. Just outside the gated city of Galle (home of the Galle International Stadium) are an abundance of small beach towns where you’ll find surfers from all around the world…