London is the Holy Grail for shopping (big call, I know) and with Fashion Week kicking off, there’s never been a better time to start your shopping list! Here’s why I think London is the best spot to shop, and a few of my favourite places to shop, stop and blog.

Everyone is there

Not only can you find every designer you’ve ever heard of, London is also home to tonnes of local and European designers you haven’t heard of. If you like fast fashion, it’s everywhere and it’s huge. If you love vintage stores, there’s an abundance. There’s something for everyone.

Everything is current: it’s truly ‘fashion forward’

I live in Sydney and while I love it for so many reasons, we always get fashion late. It’s not a big market, so it’s not at the top of the hit list for designers. In the fast world of fashion where designers show collections two seasons ahead, I can’t help but feel that we’re always a season behind. This is why it’s so awesome shopping in London, because when you bring your items back home, no-one will have what you’re wearing.

Long opening hours

Most stores stays open until 8pm and many remain open later to 9-10pm, especially on Thursdays.

Tax refunds

If you’re an overseas shopper like me, make sure to take advantage of this! You can get up to a 10%-13% cash refund at the airport. It might not sound like much but if you’re thinking about purchasing luxury goods, this is where you want to spend your money.