Now while I concede many of the bars listed here are super-duper famous, I’ve tried to recommend a few bars that don’t always pop up on the drinking radar. With so many bars and mates in the industry, it’s a very tough call. From tiny subterranean wine caves to  legendary Grappa houses, here’s my listopedia of my favourite international bars:

Attaboy NYC, USA

Aussie wunderkind Sammy Ross and his equally talented partner Micheal McIlroy have taken the reigns of arguably the most famous bar site in modern times, the previous home of Milk & Honey.

Expect cheeky but vintage “chat” and quite possibly the best classics on the planet plus home grown gems like Sammy’s “Penicillin”, which might just be the best scotch cocktail I’ve ever tasted.

Goldene Bar, Munich, Germany

For me, this is perhaps the most beautiful bar in the world, despite its dark history. Goldene Bar is the liberated cocktail home of a former Nazi SS Officer’s Cigar lounge housed in Munich’s leading Contemporary Art space, Haus der Kunst. It’s a magnificent celebration of art, both liquid and traditional and is headed up by Klaus St von Rainer, an ex Schumann-man and legend amongst the European bar scene. Goldene Bar specialises in modern twists on classics along with plenty of drinks from Klaus’ deep well of creations. I’ve always loved his warm Gin-based tea drink, it’s off the menu but with a friendly smile I’m sure his dedicated team will whip one up for you. In summer, Goldene Bar is probably the best place in Munich to drink with its huge terrace over-looking the divine Englisher Garden. It’s also located just metres from Munich’s famous surfing river, and is a popular watering hole for the surfers and their entourage of cool.

Boadas Bar, Barcelona, Spain

The inventor of “throwing”, a cocktail preparation technique that involves precise super-long pouring instead of shaking to perfectly mix any drink, this bar is a must in Barcelona. It’s an intimate and unique bar space just metres away from the tourist hordes of Las Ramblas These guys will whip up (or should I say throw together) any classic of your choosing, with flair and vintage charm.

Le Syndicat, Paris, France

Brand new and super hip, everything in this bar is sourced from the wonderful bounties of France. The menu and design is modern and ambitious but wonderfully executed. One of the friendliest and most passionate teams you will meet. A true torch for the exciting things happening in the food and drink scene in Paris.