LA is where all the dreamers go and, perhaps that’s what makes the place so damn magical.

I had heard so much about Los Angeles before my first visit there. Over the years I’ve noticed the mass exodus of my creative pals, who have started basing themselves in LA for months at a time. Each visit they’d come back Down Under with tales that really do sound like things out of a movie script.

After being told all of these stories about a place where anything seemed possible, the FOMO set in hard and I decided I HAD to go.

I started dipping my pinkie toe in the cool Californian waters during my regular commutes from Sydney to New York and I quickly found a soft spot for the LA sunshine after flying across the entire Pacific Ocean.

Basically, what’s not to love about the place!? There’s blue skies, palm trees and, because it’s in a desert, it almost never rains so errrrrryday is a beach day which is a total win for me.