Supermodel and cyclist are not two words that usually go hand in hand but Aussie model Megan Gale has always been known to be excellent at multi tasking. Along with model, mum, actress and designer, Megan is now the ambassador for our very own New Zealand Cycle Trail. We chat to Megan about how to make the most of a cycling holiday in your own backyard.

Why cycling?

Cycling is part of my exercise routine so combining it with travel is the perfect balance. The best part is you can explore the country from an entirely different angle – it’s like riding through a postcard. The opportunity to promote New Zealand as a destination and its Great Rides is incredibly exciting!

How important is it for you to stay active on a holiday?

Active wellness is such a key part to any holiday, I highly recommend cycling as it suits all levels of fitness, plus you get off the beaten track. Basing your holiday around an activity gives you a real sense of achievement at the end of each day.

What advice would you offer for planning an active holiday?

  1. Balance: A healthy holiday is all about balance. I love good food and the odd tipple of wine so I like to level things out with exercise, plenty of rest and relaxation. New Zealand is ideal for me as there are so many different activities and all within close proximity.
  2. Keep hydrated: It’s easy to lose track of time and forget to do something as simple as drinking lots of water but it’s so important to hydrate your body more than usual on these cycling holidays. It’s also good to stretch before you set out for the day and also of an evening. Your body will thank you for it.