There are girls’ weekends and then there are Melbourne Travel Guide Expedia girls’ weekends. That’s the weekend you want to be on. As a Sydneysider, I could not be more pro our Southern Sister. She’s a little cooler and smoother than us and truly just about the best Aussie city you can head to with your girlfriends. Pop across for the weekend and you won’t regret it.

Melbourne is constantly innovating so it’s not possible to curate a definitive list  (it would be more like a thesis) but once you’ve booked your fabulous hotel – Crown Towers, Langham, Lyle, Windsor, Westin, Park Hyatt – here are ten awesome things to try.

1. Hot yoga

Get your Gwyneth on at Melbourne’s coolest fit spot – One Hot Yoga and Pilates. The architecturally designed space is all urban minimalist with white walls, white space and white noise. This was the first yoga studio in the world to teach core body temperature yoga and it remains their specialty but the school also offers Pilates Mat and Reformer classes. Try a Slow Hot Flow Yoga class that combines physical asana practice in a 37 degree room. I’ve tried Bikrim Yoga in the past and didn’t really enjoy it but I loved, loved this style. Make sure you’re well hydrated and don’t eat for a couple of hours before the class. Wear light clothes that you can bend in and take a towel because you’re going to sweat like Beyonce in concert.

2. Eat at Supernormal

Who doesn’t want to visit a place called Supernormal? Without question, chef Andrew McConnell’s latest Asian diner is the hippest, hardest-to-get-a-booking-at joint in town. It’s an imaginative blend of Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine that’s been twisted and turned like a Lewis Carroll character. This is marvelous, special food executed with innovation, humour and passion. It’s more than dinner – it’s a destination. We started with homemade white sesame rice cakes drizzled in a ridiculously good sticky sauce, followed by a selection of ceviche-style raw dishes full of lemon, jalapeno and daikon. I will forever dream about the King Fish.

The restaurant was and remains absolutely packed, with a queue out the door and down the street, so don’t even think about not booking. Also, leave room for dessert. More specifically leave room for the peanut butter parfait, salted caramel & soft chocolate. It needs no further explanation.