It’s easier than packing for a beach holiday with your pet tiger, I suppose, but there’re still some challenges. And by challenges, I mean: suitcase space. Once I’d packed all of his stuff, I just squeezed in one sandal and a swimsuit for me.

It’s different depending on the baby’s age, obviously. This time last year we went to Europe for a month and all we really needed to pack was some clothes, a few colourful toys and my boobs.

This time he was 13 months old, eating normal food and tires of toys in 20 seconds. And so, here’s how we chilly Melbourne cats packed for our magic trip to the One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives with our teeny, non-verbal little buddy:

What I packed for baby

Swim pants (I prefer these over swim nappies, although I packed a few swim nappies too) plus a full body UV 50 rashie/swimsuit because sunscreening a baby is about as easy as pushing toothpaste back into the tube. (I like the Babes in the Shade ones as they’re cute and don’t feature angry animated sharks.) Sandals and walking shoes, a wide brim UV 50 hat with chin cord, and a cap. Assorted shorts and t-shirts and onesies… enough for one outfit a day and a few spares. (Special nod to Pure Baby’s little summer onesies.) I packed several Bonds Wondersuits because we adults had the air con at night, so these PJs ensured he’d stay warm.

Regarding his food, I read reviews of the One&Only Reethi Rah saying they’d cook and puree anything you wanted for your baby/toddler, but being me, (a suspicious and anxious overpacker) I packed enough food for pretty much every meal, every day, just in case. I could just bring it home if required. I took Weet-Bix for breakfasts, rice crackers, dried fruit etc for snacks and a heap of pouches. Not ideal nutritionally speaking, but you never know what you might be up against so make like a boy scout and for the love of apple puree be prepared. As it turned out, every meal he ate was prepared by the hotel, from delicious porridge, to pasta, fish and veges. It was unreal.