Drive just an hour and half north west of Sydney and you’d still be in the suburbs. Travel that distance from Melbourne and you’ve left the rat race behind.

Sydney and Melbourne are hugely popular with Expedia’s Aussie Travellers for short city breaks. But sometimes it’s good to see more than a city.

Hepburn Springs is a pocket of paradise for city slickers craving a dose of the country life. It’s a medicine we all need every once and a while and in Hepburn Springs, you might actually find just what the doctor ordered.

As the name suggests, Hepburn Springs is home to several thermal springs, and like Bath in England, was once a popular spot for “taking the waters”.

On a gentle walk into the Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve, just beyond the Hepburn Bath House & Spa, water bubbles up from the earth in a series natural springs, enriched by high levels of natural minerals.

Stop by the taps stationed along the springs and hand pump out a stream of spring water – each tap’s source is different and the water’s slightly carbonated metallic-tang changes a little each time, our favourite is at Soda Spring, where the water tastes just like tonic water.

The streams flow back past the Bathhouse, where you’ve got a chance to really try out the local water. Drawing on the natural springs since 1895, the Bathhouse has long been a stop on the tourist trail.