It’s an almost universally accepted fact, Sweden gets a lot of things really right: healthcare, education, cinnamon buns, and undoubtedly, design. With that signature Scandinavian style conjuring images of white washed floors, smart design, and refined colour palettes with pops of colour, it makes for a good place to start planning your dream home in your non-messy, always stylish future life. Like most Aussie Expedia travellers, McKean Studio recently spent a long weekend in Stockholm, checking out the many design houses that have set up shot in Sweden’s capital city. Here are some of our favourite stores to visit next time you’re planning your own Scandinavian adventure!

Svenskt Tenn 

If you’re coming to Stockholm and are interested in design and interiors, then Svenskt Tenn is a non-negotiable, no-bones-about-it, do-not-miss spot. This classic Swedish design company has their flagship store on the boulevard across from the harbour – so it already makes for a picturesque place to shop! Founded in 1924, Svenkst Tenn has long been seen as a pinnacle of modernist design in Sweden, with notable architect and designer Josef Frank joining the team in the 1930’s. Today, Svenkst Tenn is home to textiles and furniture, homewares and accessories, in every colour, pattern and design under the sun. Lots of Frank’s work is available on items from wallpaper to cocktail napkins, so if your other half won’t let you decorate in an ornate wall to ceiling floral, you can always compromise with some dinner plates! Prices are on the high side, so go for the visual feast and not necessarily for suitcase filling! Strandvägen 5 , 114 51 Stockholm


Loosely translating to ‘Design Market’ in English, DesignTorget is the perfect place to pick up a quirky present for someone interested in design, or to find cool accessories for yourself. The store is full of clever and well-chosen pieces for the home, and fun, well priced bits and bobs you probably won’t see anywhere else (which in itself is no easy feat with the easy access of the Internet). With 13 stores all throughout Scandinavia (several in Stockholm, but also Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo and even the airport at Stockholm Arlanda) this innovative store will have you popping inside every one you see, just to check if there was anything you missed from one of your previous visits. Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sergelgången 29, 111 57 Stockholm