The holiday deprivation of 2020 hit many Kiwis hard, and looking ahead, travellers are making it a priority to take advantage of their annual leave more than ever. In fact, results from Expedia’s annual Vacation Deprivation study shows Kiwis are planning to go big on holidays, where respondents say they plan to take an extra week (five whole days!) of annual leave in 2021.

Discover how you can take advantage of this renewed interest in travel and start planning to cross off some bucket-list destinations on your future trips, when the world reopens.

The value of holidays

With 2020 over and gone, many Kiwis have come to better appreciate holidays and the unforgettable experiences they can bring. With this renewed appreciation for travel, it should be no surprise that majority of respondents claim to value holidays more than ever before. In fact, 82% of New Zealanders shared this sentiment, with a quarter of them actively planning on taking more trips than usual in 2021 to make up for 2020’s lack of travel.

This mind-reset in the meaning of a holiday, has encouraged Kiwis to embrace their trips as more than just ‘time off work’, but as an opportunity to maximise their time with experiences and spending quality time with family and friends.

Complete your bucket list

As the hopes for future travel in 2021 grows, many Kiwis are considering the items they have on their travel bucket list. The report showed 65% of respondents already have a bucket list, and of this group, just over half have expanded their lists since the pandemic.

As Kiwis get ready to fulfill their pent-up travel desires, results indicate they’re ready to go big and splurge on their bucket list trips. Whether it’s trying a new activity or seeking out a place untraveled, 47% are willing to spend more on their bucket list holiday than originally planned.

Making holidays unforgettable

The Expedia survey sought to determine what people value most in their holiday experiences. Most respondents state it’s always best to have a holiday in which they can relax and do nothing, and 95% of them believe that regular holidays are essential for general health and well-being. Being able to enjoy a relaxing holiday with family makes the experience all the better.

While 2021 is full of new possibilities, there is no doubt that travel in the ‘new normal’ will require a significant mental and emotional shift. Refundable travel options have become a pre-requisite for many travellers, with 34% of Kiwis saying they will only book travel that is fully refundable in case they don’t feel comfortable travelling, while 28 % said they are waiting until the latter half of the year to do any travel.

Whatever your plans, you can find all the resources you need to travel smart and travel safely with Expedia’s COVID-19 travel guide.

Solve holiday deprivation

With 57% of all respondents stating that they feel holiday-deprived, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re not missing out on any essential opportunities for travel. When you are comfortable to travel again, why not make up for lost time by treating yourself to adventures you deserve and trips that will create lasting memories?

What are your big travel plans for 2021?