So after countless surf trips and endless hours on flights, here it is: this is the stuff I never leave behind when I travel. I have it all laid out like I’m in the TSA line for you guys. (Can I keep my shoes on?)

1. Starting with the most basic, we have the passport. This is key obviously; you can’t get very far without one and I figure someday it will help some foreign local police force somewhere identify my remains.

2. As far as my gear goes, I try to keep it light. What I don’t put in my board bag, goes in here. This is my Creatures of Leisure Accessory Bag. This is my idea of packing – stuff it all in and go – same principle as the board bag, and having “Creatures of Leisure” written on it keeps curious people from asking me what I do.

3. Depending on weather, I grab a good wetty or two. Right now I’m freezing in California, so I’m using a custom Volcom wetsuit, or I use a Volcom rash guard. Of course booties, sunscreen and all the normal gear, including this wax Dion gave me. Not really sure what it is.

4. My Atlas wallet is ideal for traveling – it’s thin, like my cash reserves, so it never gets in the way. I’m not sure having the imprint of my credit card embossed on the outside from sitting on it is the best security feature, but that’s my fault I guess.