Unique Sleeps: Amazing hotels hand picked by Expedia Experts. The Hotel d’Angleterre, Geneva.

The Hotel D’Angleterre deserves every one of its five stars. Small, unique, luxurious and personal – in every sense of the word, this is a beautiful boutique hotel.

From day one, the staff knew our names and addressed us by them. It then became a bit of a running joke for me to try my hardest to press the lift button myself but it never happened because someone always got in first and did it for me. This is good old fashioned hospitality, the like of which is pretty rare these days, especially in larger hotels.

The décor is all class and sophistication but by no means cookie cutter. Every room is different and I know because the manager, knowing my interest in interiors, was kind enough to show me around several, including the suite where Michael Jackson once stayed. Geneva is a seriously expensive and sophisticated city so if you want to experience it properly, I suggest you stay somewhere just like this! I haven’t even mentioned yet that it sits in prime position facing the lake. And if you’re lucky, like us, you’ll get a room with get a view of the famous water fountain, the Jet D’Eau (oh, and Mont Blanc too, as you do).

There’s a reason the hotel’s interiors feel so unique and personal and that’s because Beatrice Tollman, owner of Red Carnation Hotel Collection, of which the Anglettere is part, takes a keen interest in the furnishings herself and has a real eye and flair for décor. This is an interiors addict’s dream: to have a stylish hotel in which to experiment with all the different looks you love. You’ll find a bit of everything here: neutrals, leopard print, rich jewel colours, dusky blues. It’s just so special and individual. Staff talk about “Mrs Tollman” often and with a genuine fondness and respect. It’s clear she takes a real interest in not only the way the place looks, but how it runs too.