Just an hour after landing on the air-strip at Londolozi on the edge of Kruger National Park, I’m already face to face with a wild South African animal. Okay, not face to face, since I’m actually lying face down on a massage table, but I’m still close enough to see the cheeky baboon’s whiskers as he ambles towards the watering hole in front of my villa. The poor masseuse is having a hard job keeping me still as I can’t resist raising my head to peak as he hoots and hollers at his mates scrambling down the bush for a drink.

One could say Londolozi has an open door policy. Baboons, monkeys, impala (South African antelope), even the occasional lion can be spotted from your room or on the way to the camp common areas. Don’t worry, staff accompany you along the paths after dark and you’ll get a phone call if say, the lions decide to sunbake on your doorstep and it might be better to stay inside for a little while. After the initial terror of opening our front door expecting to see a lion, only to see harmless bumble bees, I relax into safari life.