Wombats and kangaroos on the snow! Doughnut stands. Pop up champagne bars. All very important reasons why it’s worth heading over to the Aussie Snowy Mountains for a ski trip. Seriously. Read about it here, with our 10 reasons why the Snowy Mountains are worth visiting.

1. Snownuts and lamingtons

Forget croissants and Dunkin Donuts, the Aussie ski slope sweets are top notch.

A trip to the Snowy Mountains is not complete without a stop at Jindabyne’s Sundance Bakehouse. The road trip from Sydney is around six hours, three hours from Canberra and just an hour from Cooma. Jindabyne is the gateway to the ski fields and a great spot for a sugar hit. The bakery is located inside Nuggets Crossing Shopping Centre and is a local institution. Come lunch hour you’ll find it packed with people picking up pies and quiches fresh from the oven – beat the crowds and make a beeline for the sweets cabinet. The famous “snownut” is a jumbo sized cronut topped with fresh cream and drizzled in chocolate. And then there’s the rows and rows of lamingtons, cream buns and other Aussie favourites. Best of all, this season Sundance has pop up bakeries at the Perisher Valley Centre and the Skitube terminal.

2. Wildlife

Forget the zoo, the Snowy Mountains are a great spot to see our most unique wildlife – you’ll see plenty of wombats, kangaroos, cockatoos and possums. Perisher sits inside the Kosciuszko National Park, and if you’re lucky you might see a wombat wobbling along the snow. You do need to drive carefully after dark to avoid hitting any hanging out too close to the road.